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Order 2021 Cards From Your KCIC Chairman:

Bernie Adams
5645 Empire Ct., Helena, MT 59602
Phone: 406.431.9514


The current Keeping Christ in Christmas evangelization season has gotten started yet is facing many challenges.  The pandemic and its effects on production has left Christ is Christmas with difficulty fulfilling requests for English style cards.  As a result of early requests for cards most of the specific card styles on the order form are depleted; substitution choices are becoming limited as well.  Alternative cards will be offered as long as possible.  After receipt of orders notifications are being sent conveying ~ filling as requested,  alternative options, and/or “out of stock” status of the cards .  Many thanks for keeping your councils informed and are getting back as quickly as possible regarding approvals to move forward on adjustments.   



1)  There will not be a pre-set Assortment Case this season.  We encourage you to review the Council Order Form to choose among the card styles and KCIC products available to put together an order of items that will work best for your Council’s community.



2)  There is a “shared shipping” rate set for the first 35 boxes shipping to the same location.  This rate can be found on page 2 of the Personalized Council Order Form.   



3)  The varied challenges of 2020, including Covid-19 ramifications prompts review and  adjustments to the program. While moving forward we are working through some production issues and reviewing manufacturing.  There are a limited supply of English style Christmas cards this season.   Orders will be filled until items are Out-of-Stock.  It is expected the current supply of ethnic style cards as well as “KCIC Christmas Activity” materials and products will be available to fill all requests.  Adjustments needed on any requests will be followed up on as swiftly as possible.



4)  We encourage you to use a wide variety of products ~ magnets, bumper stickers, yard signs, seals, pins, banners ~  to spread the Christmas message and promote the Keep Christ in Christmas evangelization.  This will give multiple added options as you continue to spread the message of the Birth of Jesus Christ.   Notice  on the public color brochure a larger variety of Car Magnets and the addition of Yard Signs. 



The experiences faced by us all in the last year and a half have changed our world and environments very much and in many ways, however what has not changed is the hope and the salvation brought to us all in the Birth of the Baby Jesus.  We are called forth as clearly as ever to Keep Christ in Christmas and evangelize the true meaning of Christmas with spiritual messages in many directions.  Prayers for our Lord’s grace as we carry the Keep Christ in Christmas message and miracle of Christ’s Birth on through 2021 and beyond.



Bernie Adams, Christmas Card Chairman

Montana State KC Council

Cell: 406-431-9514