State Officers and Program Chairs

State Deputy Marty Beatty Marty Beatty
State Chaplain Fr. Leo McDowell Fr. Leo McDowell
State Secretary Bernie Adams
State Treasurer Howard Kavon Howard Kavon
State Advocate Jim Taflan Jim Taflan
State Warden Jerry Wildey
Executive Secretary Steve Zachmann
Immediate Past State Deputy Dan Hallsten Dan Hallsten
Program Director Tom Weber
Membership Director Pat Perella
Faith Director Deacon Lee Pico
Community Director Randall Gaa
Life Director Dan Wing
Family Director Joel LaLiberty
Youth Director Andy Mikes
Online Membership Director Marty Beatty
Hispanic Council Growth Coordinator Frank LaTray
College Councils Coordinator Howard Dotterweich
Ceremonials Director Christopher Curtis
Insurance Dermot McCaughan
Vocations and R.S.V.P. Chair Sam Prestipino
Special Olympics Chair Arthur Malisani
Webmaster Bernie Adams

District Deputies

DistrictDD NameEmailCouncils
1Larry Cutronemtdd1@montanaknights.org14060 Big Fork, 6260 Polson, 7782 Ronan, 11190 Thompson Falls
2Dan Normanmtdd2@montanaknights.org1021 Missoula, 13022 Missoula, 13093 Stevensville
3Gary Wengermtdd3@montanaknights.org882 Anaconda, 668 Butte, 1810 Deer Lodge,4069 Dillon
4Deacon Lee Picomtdd4@montanaknights.org10432 Belgrade, 1413 Bozeman, 1274 Livingston
5Francis Rodgersmtdd5@montanaknights.org9976 Billings, 16834 Columbus, 6455 Laurel, 2464 Roundup
6Andy Mikesmtdd6@montanaknights.org1259 Billings, 8345 Billings, 13050 Billings, 5527 Hardin
7Sylvester Barrosmtdd7@montanaknights.org6200 Choteau, 2860 Cutbank, 1493 Great Falls, 9172 Browning (Inactive)
8Frank LaTraymtdd8@montanaknights.org5189 Chester, 1644 Havre, 2124 Malta, 8255 Harlem (Inactive)
9OPENmtdd9@montanaknights.org2997 Glasgow, 2613 Plentywood, 4272 Scobey, 1959 Wolf Point
10Adam Rabemtdd10@montanaknights.org6294 Baker, 3039 Forsyth, 1518 Miles City
11Floyd McCubbinsmtdd11@montanaknights.org7009 Columbia Falls, 1328 Kalispell, 8329 Kalispell, 3250 Libby, 7630 Whitefish
12OPENmtdd12@montanaknights.org10576 East Helena, 844 Helena, 2360 Townsend, 8375 Whitehall
13Leon Seteramtdd13@montanaknights.org16228 Culbertson, 2245 Glendive, 3002 Sidney, 8370 Wibaux
14Sylvester Barrosmtdd14@montanaknights.org3911 Fort Benton, 7726 Geyser, 9395 Great Falls, 1508 Lewistown
15Davin Athmanmtdd15@montanaknights.org6130 Hamilton, 13093 Stevensville

Past State Deputies